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As a full-time college student as a Criminology major, it is easy to think that I don’t have the time or need to express my inner artist. However, with my natural attraction to all things creative it is extremely difficult to harbor my talent even when I am scrambling to finish a paper due the next day. I feel as though that artistry follows me in every journey I take in life and this is what inspires me to continue to draw and design. Whether it is creative problem solving or directly drawing an image, my imagination is too grand for me to not use my talents. This then connects to my desire to be the creative director for Everyday [It] Matters. With an amazing goal of eradicating the disparity between resources among disadvantaged youths in school, it was easy to contribute to a company wanting to fix something I’ve had a first-hand experience with. In addition to this, I am filled with gratitude to be working with such an innovative team of women who are able to direct my designs in the direction that is best for Everyday [It] Matters. Ultimately, I appreciate my affinity for the arts because they have allowed me to promote notions of growth in not only myself but the world.

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