“As an artist, I draw to escape my harsh realities. When I draw, I create a world and a life I wish I had. My favorite thing to draw is myself because it’s my way of expressing how I actually feel when I can’t express it to anyone else, so basically, it’s my way of truly expressing my feelings. I found my passion to draw when a friend introduced me to Anime. When I started watching Anime, I was fascinated by the artwork and I wanted to learn to draw. It was then, when I started to draw everyday so I can get better at it. It’s been 3 years now that I’ve taken drawing seriously. I drew this design because I feel like Everyday [it] Matters is a company that helps families, so I drew a mom and her daughter holding a heart to represent love, and that’s what it means to me.”


-Janaya Bell, Grade 10

IG: @goon_of_the_winter

Love + Family

  • GILDAN 100% Cotton

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