Everyday It Matters (EIM) is an organization on a mission of bridging this gap. This organization is founded on the belief that inside each one of us lies a great potential for excellence which can be unlocked with the right mindset, tools and inspiration. Guided by education, inspiration, and mindfulness as our core values and pursuing a vision of pushing the world into a new age of education - our goal is to empower students, educators, and communities by delivering resources that aid in excellence.

Striving to revolutionize the education system, we provide access to educational resources, inspirational artisan crafts and content, and mindset transforming techniques to ensure that every student and educator is equipped to achieve excellence as they play their roles in the education system. 

We have introduced The Education Box™ an exclusive monthly package that consists of 7-13 items that are embedded with educational resources, inspirational artisan handmade gifts and mindset transforming strategies. With this package, educators are able to deliver knowledge and skills. Students, on the other hand, are equipped with what they need to excel in their pursuit for academic excellence. Urban and special education communities are the main targeted beneficiaries of the Education Box™.

For as education should be more than performing well in academics--it should be a holistic and continuous developmental process. Inspired and empowered students will make better learners and equipped educators will make better teachers.

Excellence shouldn’t be a chance, but a norm and with the Education Box™ it is possible. Join the EIM movement to truly help decrease the education gap. 

Together we will not only reform the education system, but also change the world. 

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My Students Explaining The Education Box

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